Citizens Service Delivery Charter



A centre of excellence in training quality P1 teachers.


To provide quality teacher training, mould competent, morally upright and dynamic professional teachers who are globally competitive.


The purpose of this service charter is to enhance awareness of our Vision, Mission, Core values and Mandate as well as our commitment to continuous

improvement of our services to ensure customer satisfaction. This charter is not only expected to empower our customers to make demands on our

officers at various levels of service delivery but also to inform them of our commitment to provide equal opportunities to all our clients.


The mandate of St. Lawrence Egoji Teachers’ College is to train quality P1 teachers.

COMMITMENT                                                                                        CLIENTS OBLIGATION

Egoji Teachers’ College being the service                                               The service provider will expect the following

Provider is committed to:                                                                           from the clients:

1.     Serve our clients with courtesy, honesty                                            1. To observe all the College rules and regulations

   Integrity and fairness.                                                                                relating to their conduct while sourcing for utilization

                                                                                                                        of the college resources.

2.    Provide adequate and appropriate teaching/learning

environment.                                                                                          2. To be familiar with the College policies and procedures.

3.    Provide adequate and appropriate teaching/                                    3. To treat the college staff courteously.

Learning resources.

4.     Ensure that effective and efficient teaching/                                   4. To be mindful of the needs of other clients seeking the

Learning takes place so as to be a centre of                                       services of the college.

Excellence in training quality teachers.

5.     Treat the clients concern with confidentiality                                  5. To assist the College in the evaluation of the quality of

and give them the urgency they deserve.                                            Services rendered.

6.    Treat the clients concern with confidentiality and

7.    Give them the urgency they deserve.                                                  6. To attend to their obligations promptly.

                                                                                                                   7. To promptly pay their college training fees and other levies

     set out by the Ministry of Education.

P1 teacher training KCSE minimum grade C plain 2 years
Enquiries office Inquiry Nil 5 minutes
Admission of students Admission letter, form certificate (or KCSE result slip for those who finished the previous year), ID card, fees Nil 2 hours
Readmission of students Letter of invitation for readmission Nil 1 hour
Issuance of certificates Clearance forms, ID Nil 1 hour
Response to telephone N/A Nil Immediately
Processing P.T.E registration Passport/ID/KCSE/Index No. N/A Within 90 days after registration
Release of internal exam results Nil Nil 21 days after examination
Release of T.P results Nil 14 days
Payment of goods/services bought LPO, Delivery Note, Invoice, Statement of Account, L.S.O Nil 30 days where applicable
Issue of instructional materials to lectures Approved requisition form Nil 30 minutes
Issue of materials/equipment for workers Approved requisition form Nil 30 minutes
Receiving or clearing a tutor on transfer Clearance form/TSC letter/ID card Nil One day
Services at finance office Nil Nil 15 minutes
Repairs and replacement within the college Approved Requisition forms Nil 3 days
Library services College ID/Library card Nil 6 minutes
Catering services Meal card Nil 10 mins
Procurement of goods Stores request order Nil 30 mins
Medical services
  1. Dispensary
Note book/previous medical notes if any Nil 30 minutes
  1. Laboratory services
Recommendation from nurse in charge 40-100 shillings 1 hour
  1. VCT services
N/A Nil 1 hour


This service charter is subject to constant amendments in keeping with the changing public needs in teacher education.

Amendments will be carried out in consultation with our clients and stakeholders.


Your feedback can be delivered in person through our physical address, post telephone fax or email.

i.e. Private Bag Igoji- 60402, Tel 020-2310519, Mobile: 0741373655, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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