Mandate and Core Values

Mandate and Core Values

Mandate and core functions

(a) To train and produce highly qualified and professional teachers.

(b) To institutionalize quality management system in all college operations.

(c) To implement an efficient monitoring and evaluation system.

(d) To improve infrastructure and physical facilities to enhance service delivery.

(e) To strengthen the student welfare.

(f) To institutionalize use of ICT.

(g) To enhance the financial base of the college.

(h) Ensure promotion of National Cohesion and National Values;

(i) Establish systems to enable innovativeness and adaptability of institutional services to the needs of users;

(j) Ensure professionalism and ethics in the institution is achieved and maintained;

(k) Institutionalize a culture of accountability, integrity, transparency and promotion of values and principles of the institution and

(l) Endeavour to have a corruption free institution.


Core values

The values to be enshrined in the College and individuals are positive traits that will enable the institution and staff respond to the changing situations and circumstances in a predictable and desirable manner. Such values include excellence, professionalism, self-reliance, creativity, truth, innovation, equal opportunity, relevance and moral integrity.

The College is guided by the following Core values:

a) Professionalism

b) Moral Integrity

c) Service Excellence

d) Responsibility

e) Commitment

f) Respect

g) Unity

h) Love

i) Relevance

j) Equal Opportunity

k) Innovation

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